Terms & Conditions

Service Agreement: Black Box Dumpster, LLC agrees to provide dumpster and dumpster transport services to “Customer”, located at “Address” for the amount agreed upon. By using Black Box Dumpster, LLC dumpster services, the customer agrees to the following terms of agreement;

  1. Parties agree that Black Box Dumpster, LLC provides the dumpster and transportation of dumpster service, but the “Customer” maintains responsibility for the refuse in the dumpster.
  2. Payment for services shall be net fifteen (15) days from the date the invoice is sent. Any delinquent payments shall be charged two percent (2%) per month. “Customer” shall pay all cost including incurred attorney fees associated with collecting payments.
  3. Items contractually prohibited from being placed in the dumpster include; electronic devices, tires, refrigerator/AC unit disposal, appliances or any additional items noted in writing prior to service. These items shall be charged an additional $80 fee/item in the dumpster.
  4. “Customer” shall ensure the area for delivery and/or pick up is clear and easily accessible. In the event the delivery and/or pickup is inaccessible, Black Box Dumpster, LLC retains the right not to provide service and the customer is subject to a “blocked site” charge of $125.
  5. “Customer shall not dispose of any refuse that would be considered “hazardous waste,” “contaminated” or an “illegal substance or product” as these terms are defined or interpreted under any Federal, State or local environmental statutes or ordinances. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold Black Box Dumpster, LLC harmless in connection with any fines, penalties or legal costs incurred in the prosecution or defense of any claims made against it by any of the described authorities, previous listed, due to the transportation of any such refuse.
  6. Pricing reflects a one-time fill of dumpster.
  7. It is understood that this is a UNILATERAL CONTRACT. If the customer does not agree with the terms of this agreement, the customer must contact Black Box Dumpster, LLC to cancel service. Use (i.e. – placing items in the dumpster) of the dumpster constitutes acceptance of the terms contained herein.

By signing this “Service Agreement” the property owner or contractor representing property owner, releases Black Box Dumpster, LLC delivering said product or equipment from all responsibility, costs and damages incurred by Black Box Dumpster, LLC in trying to deliver and unload to service site at property owner’s representatives’ request. In signing this waiver you accept all cost in case of wrecker fees, damage to property or buildings on property, damage to our vehicle, if such damages arise as a result of your authorization to have our company continue to attempt to unload product or equipment after having been informed by our driver of questionable ground conditions which may result on our vehicle becoming stuck, sliding, turning over, or other problems resulting from such.

I acknowledge the additional charges as listed above and authorize Black Box Dumpster, LLC to add any incurred charges to my final invoice.